Living HIS Dream

From the time I was a little thing, I wanted to follow some form of a dream. Live the American dream. A white picket fenced house, four kids-ok maybe more, marry a tall dark and handsome man and live a life with purple ponies (I have no idea why I chose purple) and full of happiness. Well friends, those dreams have changed. God has changed those dreams, and brought me peace. No white picket fenced house. No kids. No husband and No purple ponies. Do those even exist? But there is one thing my life is full of. HAPPINESS.

Happy knowing I have the ability to take 20 credits and how immensely blessed I am to study and go to such a university. Happy knowing that my tears dry up. Happy knowing that I have lived to see another day. Happy in knowing that I am forever loved, redeemed and granted new mercies and grace daily. Happy knowing that I have supportive family and friends. Happy knowing that when I am weak, he is stronger. HAPPINESS in delighting in the good news. The list goes on….

With happiness, I smile when I am asked what I’m doing with my life in 4 weeks…yes I graduate in 4 weeks. The truth is: I have no idea what I am doing after I hear my name and walk across the stage. A chef? Ministry? Culinary School? Dietitian? Pennsylvania? North Carolina? I don’t know. Doors have been opened and closed, and to be honest there isn’t a bone or fiber in my body that is anxious or nervous. The truth is, I know my God has it all figured it. He DOES.

O Sovereign LORD, you are God! Your words are trustworthy, and you have promised these good things to your servant. 2 Samuel 7:28

This blog is to share my life as I live to glorify God. The good. Bad. And the ugly, because lets face it, that’s life. With a side of my love for creating meals, running, and everything in-between. Follow if you want to see how the Lord uses my life!